Relocation & Expat Support Germany | Energy - Communication - Insurance

Relocation Support Germany is a special expat service powered by Masters Of Sales. Housing need not to be complicated, if you are supported by a reliable service partner like us. Our part is the registration of electricity, gas, phone, internet (dsl) and Entertainment TV.

Mobile solutions for cell phone and mobile internet are also very important to be connected outside the new home. We compare the different energy & communication providers to find the optimal offers for our customers. We can also help with the selection of the required insurance for the new home of the expat. Finally, the customer must feel comfortable in his new home. With our expat service, you benefit from more than 10 years of experience in contract management.

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Electricity: The change of your electricity provider can save a lot of money every year. 
So it makes sense to choose a cheaper electricity provider already before your move-in.

Gas: The change of your gas provider can also save a lot of money every year. Secure this advantage and choose a cheaper gas provider already before your move-in.




Internet: You will find many internet (dsl) providers and offers. But which one is the best for you? We compare the different communication providers to find the optimal offers for you.

Mobile: It is also very important to be connected outside your new home. With our provider compare you will get the best communication offers for your individual mobile solution.




Household insurance: A household insurance is useful for everyone, who lives in a house or an apartment. Protect your valueables, furnitures, glas and art objects.

Liability insurance: The damage caused to persons or property has financial consequences. Protect yourself and your family against this risk.